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Welcome the Health Law Section’s website.  It is an extraordinary privilege to serve as Chair of the Section and I am honored and humbled to serve this year.  The world that is health care is vast and touches the lives of everyone.  The delivery of health care services continues its historic transformation impacting patients, physicians and other providers, hospitals, insurance companies, and investors. 

TChairesLawGregory Chaires, Chairhe health care landscape is ever changing with things such as medical marijuana, the opioid crises, access to and convenience of care, government assistance, telehealth, scope of practice, physician burnout, electronic health records, privacy and security, value based compensation models, and many more matters impacting how and where it is delivered.  Health care law is not just about hospitals and physicians; there are a myriad of issues from the financial, to the technological, to value based purchasing and collaboration, as well as the need for the expansion of the scope of care to ensure access and quality for all that are implicated.  We have shifted from the entrepreneurial model of physician practices to staff models where health care providers are more and more employed by organizations.  Private equity is now fully part of the health care delivery system.  It is an exciting and challenging time to be a health care attorney, but also a time that requires enhanced knowledge, skill and aptitude.

This Section is here to help its 1800 members navigate the vast array of federal and state statutes and regulations that govern the health care industry.  Thus, education is a primary focus for its members to ensure they are up to task in providing effective and appropriate assistance to the members of the health care delivery system that need assistance.  That education and experience can culminate in recognition through the Board Certification process– one of the few such programs in the country which demonstrates level of expertise. 

Our Section provides monthly education through Lunch and Learns which we encourage you to participate in.  They are quick, inexpensive and informative one hour CLEs to keep you up to speed on current matters.  The Section publishes a monthly Health Law Update as well as an in depth and comprehensive Health Law Newsletter, both of which provide up to date reviews on matters that affect the clients of the member of this Section.  We encourage of all of members to take advantage of these well thought articles and updates.  In addition, we have very in depth continuing education programs this year on Legal Emergencies in Health Care, Health Care Regulatory and Compliance, Representing the Physician, and the Advanced Health Law Topics & Certification Review course. 

What I have always enjoyed about health care lawyers is their willingness to share their experience and knowledge with other attorneys.  That collegiality is one of the most significant things that reflects on what it means to be a member of the Health Law Section. 

We look forward to doing great things this year with the Section and encourage you to be part of it.  With excellent CLE’s in new places and an out of state meeting, it will be a fun and informative year.  On behalf of the Section Leadership and Executive Council, we encourage you to utilize the resources of the Section, participate in its events, and come to our educational events and meetings. 

If you have any questions regarding membership, in the Section, please contact our wonderful Program Administrator, Emily Young.

Thank you for your interest in the Health Law Section.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Ms Young with any questions.  I look forward to serving as the Section Chair 2018-2019. 


Gregory A. Chaires


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